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i am screaming TRANSMIT EVIL

perfect lethal dose, and brain dead

DEATHLY Industrial. Evil MACHINE music.
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Formerly known as Chronotrigger, BAAL's sound is "Native Cybernetic Heavy Industrial Rock," transcending industrial, electro and modern heavy rock styles. With U-tarou's screaming vocals, MIKITO's powerful guitar and synth and Chihiro's pounding rhythm, BAAL is the ultimate Industrial band.

They are one of the most important figures in the Japanese underground scene today. MIKITO runs Brain Scan Labratory, which has signed DJ SiSeN, DESPAIR, and many others. They've played shows with countless other well-known artists such as Angelspit, Twisted Clock, DJ SiSeN, Calmando Qual, The DUST'N'BONEZ, TRANSTIC NERVE (AKA The Underneath), and Aural Vampire.

deadrockenemy + rules

deadrockenemy is here to both promote BAAL and create a place where BAAL fans on LJ can interact and meet other fans. There are a few rules, so stick to them, please, and there won't be any problems~

01.__Please no flaming or bashing. That should really go without saying, yeah? (^.^)v
02.__Every type of media is allowed to be posted here--graphics, fanart, videos, music, pictures, etc. But we enourage everyone to support the band. They aren't very well known and can use every little amount you can give them. So buy merch, buy their albums. Please!! It will help them a lot!
03.__For legal purposes, if you download any music please delete all downloaded files after 48 hours.
04.__Any music or videos posted MUST be friends locked.
05.__Please place any large images under an LJ cut!
06.__If you want, introduce yourselves. Tell us your name, favorite member, favorite song, whatever! This is a community for getting to know your fellow fans, afterall.
07.__If you want to make an advertisement inside the community, please contact a moderator beforehand.

With that done, we just want to say, PLEASE PROMOTE THIS COMMUNITY AND BAAL TO YOUR FRIENDS! Their number one goal right now is to venture to America, which is pretty fucking cool. So let's make that happen by promotion promotion promotion!

mod contact
(please let whoever you contact know who you are if/when you contact one of us)

AIM: rewind delete


AIM: advanced insane