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18 January 2009 @ 10:58 pm
Interview with U-tarou  
:D I have something special for you all today! A while back antisocialriot and I compiled some questions for the band to answer. The lovely U-tarou has just given us her answers and provided us with some more insight as to the band and herself.

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did. =]

1. What kind of equipment does BAAL use?

U-tarou :
Mac book, i book, CS1x, XENYX 502, Fostex(speaker), AKG K271 STUDIO(headphone), RODE NT-2.


2. What is each member's favorite song?

"RELIGION 616" "Wreckage"

3. Who do you enjoy touring and performing with most?

Finally,we played with Angelspit in last year June, and we have been wanting to play together since we knew each other.

We contacted more than 2 years ago.
More over, we could meet in Germany!
Angelspit were living in Germany in a year then.
I didn't know about that. Our promoter invited AS to our gig in Berlin. I was so surprised.
We talked a lot of our future tour then. And, we really felt compatible with.

They are awesome person and AS's music so cool!
Especially, the stage was awesome than I expected.
BAAL and Angelspit's energy is close.
I had a great time in there with them and friends, fans. I'm really glad that they invited us to Australia.
I wish we can play together in Japan, one day.

And, if I can play and make tour with another bands... COMBICHRIST KMFDM, Pyyclon Nine, DJ Taiki, PunishYourself, Spine Shank, Alec Empire, MADBALL, and of course AngelSpit again! Sisen, too!

4. Do you have a set goal for when you want to tour the USA?

Definitely, I have a plan for play to USA in the future.
I don't know when we go to USA, now.
But, it is one of the tour to plan in our band's life.
When I was kid, USA's ROCK inspired me. So, I've been playing ever since.


5. Will you come to Austin when you tour here?

Yeah! I hope so!
I want to meet you guys, and want to say "BIG THANX"!! Arigatou!

What do you think about touring course? I think Mexico is near Austin, if I can go to Austin, I want to make 2 cities.
I don't really know how far that,I'm sorry. I've heard about big fes in Austin. If you have ever been to there, I'd like to hear from you guys.

Well, what's more my grandmother's sister and second cousin is living Austin.
I haven't seen them for a long long time.

6. Could each of you describe your two other bandmates?

"BAAL's leader, Mikito."
He's ROCK!!! I respect him.
He has a penetrating intellect, and pure mind.
I believe the music absolutely born from only good person.
Sometimes we saw terrible human, betrayer, rotten mind.
I don't think they give energy to someone.

Mikito, he considers every day his last.
I mean, there is ROCK!!!

one more thing,
He's busy everyday! Because he's making all of BAAL's art work.

"Dr. Chihiro"
He's really shy and quiet but it is his character.
When we go to play in other country he always come with us. So, we've been known each other for 10 years. We understand each other, no problem. So, his drum is really fit BAAL. cool! I sing on our stage, his drums is good guide.
It is almost perfectly.


7. What was it like when you first performed on stage?

The first stage was 13 years old as a drums.
Anyway, when I listened ROCK music, I realized that I must stand on the stage. Or should I say ROCK called me!
I'm not listener, I wanted to make music, art work by myself.
For me, every time stage is like the first stage!
I feel new image and soul when I stand on the stage.
Because, we always exert all our strength.

8. What did you feel changed you as a band to change your name from CHRONOTRIGGER to BAAL?

At the least, BAAL's name moved me.
BAAL fit name for us!

First, BAAL was Mikito's stage name, when he was playing his past band.
so, he was thinking about change the name from CHRONOTRIGGER.
It seemed like natural things.

I also like our band's name. Very strong and mysterious.

9. Why isn't Chihiro in the promo videos?

I think you can find out him in the promo videos.
But it just a few videos.

When our friends take our stage video, they prefer front performer.
And,,,, I & MIKITO always never stop on the stage, moving moving....I think Photographer can't take him, sorry!


10. How did you meet? We only know U-tarou and MIKITO met 10 years ago.

Looking back,
We were playing several bands in the same age music scene(15,16 years old..I guess).
(We first met each other in the same music scene.) PUNK, HARD CORE....
So, we became friends. We got to know though mutual bands.
When we met in underground music scene, Japanese underground music and culture were so amazing.

After then, I knew that he's looking for female vocalist.
My band broke up then. I contacted to him for join to his band.


1. How did you come up with the concept for the new album?

From Mar 2 years ago(2007), I & Mikito were talking about New Album.
Our concept is a mind of our own for life.
We distilled the title from strong mind.
We wanted to write our way, our style, and feel free make songs.

But, a crucial stage to new album concept was in Mar last year(2008).
Our friends died. Many thyings happened around our life.

Number's title and concept came out in a natural way from us.

2. Why did you decide to use the number "616" rather than the more commonly used "666" as the "Number of the Beast"?

This is my feeling's answer.
The number "666" is well-known in this world. At least "616" is unknown in Japan.
But, "616" was the first, and I feel underground power. Well-known=people can accept common thinking.
In this our life, we are minority. So we decided the number "616".

Everyone has 2 side(another side).
If "666" is the outside, "616" is inside, CORE. "Number of the Beast" is about human, you know...

3. Why did you choose to write 3 of the songs (DEAD ROCK ENEMY, THE HARDLINER, SURVIVE) completely in English?

I'm not sure....I realized when I was making lyrics and melody THE HARDLINER and SURVIVE in English.....
I rarely decide to sing in English or Japanese. So, I try both of them. Actually, it is hard work.
In the end...I believe my inspiration. That is almost is good that my first inspiration.
"RELIGION 616"'s lyrics is so strong words by Japanese. If I sing in Japanese, my feelings will more rises.
I wish even English too. I have to work hard about my English skills...


4. What is each member's favorite song from the new album?

All of them, especially, "RELIGION 616" This number will be grow up, I'm looking forward to playing in near future.
Almost songs is growing up with gig, as time passes.

5. Do you feel that BAAL's sound has changed from the last album?

Absolutely, yes.
BAAL's second album "RELIGION 616" is straight and strong than last album.
Last album "TERRITORY OF B.A.A.L" 's tracks are passionate number, and decadent, degenerate image.
Negative became energy, got a power.

New Album has solid mind to something.
Give up on someone.
Our strange way. Stay strong.
My mind changed , I think. So many things happened around 2~3 years for me. Now, I don't need negative things. However, negative power necessity to burning.

Anyway, BE STRONG!!

Bia: Blame!nightship_kuro on January 19th, 2009 07:20 am (UTC)
OOOOOH!! *______*
Darktower: Black and Whitedarktower6 on January 19th, 2009 09:04 am (UTC)
yay! its great to hear from the awesome yu-tarou ^_^ thanks for this! man i want to see them again ~_~
陰陽 (Octavian)inyou on January 25th, 2009 09:46 pm (UTC)
ども!PDX の オレゴン に来ましょ!